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It will take time for digital printing to dominate the printing market. The strength of digital printing in the field of label printing is actually a continuation of the larger trend of this technology. Now, the manufacturing enterprises of digital printing equipment are promoting the application of digital printing technology with their own practical actions. In the long run, digital printing technology is also becoming the mainstream of the application of printing technology

with the shrinking size of the global printing market, the application fields of various printing technologies continue to expand, and the challenges faced by the traditional offset printing equipment and market, which are the most familiar in the industry, seem to be more and more obvious. Digital printing is rapidly expanding its territory with its obvious advantages such as one book starting printing and short delivery time. In addition, the diversified needs of customers for packaging printing and commercial printing have had a certain impact on the development of traditional offset printing technology

under this general trend, many regions have set off a new trend of reducing production costs and increasing the application of digital printing, while the field of book publishing and printing is the most eye-catching. All these changes have put pressure on traditional offset printing and traditional offset printing equipment manufacturers. Roland ozaz, vice president of Sales Department of Roland rotary printing systems Co., Ltd., a U.S. subsidiary, said that the energy loss automatic correction

but at the same time, he said that traditional offset printing still has high productivity, high adaptability and multi-function, so it is widely used in aviation, aerospace, metallurgy, scientific research and teaching in Colleges and universities and industrial production departments, and has been tested by the market for a long time. This classical printing technology is still widely used in the current market. In the past few decades, traditional offset printing technology has occupied 70% - 80% of the global printing market output value. In some developing countries and regions, it plays a more important role in the printing market. It is undeniable that the development of traditional offset printing in some developed countries and regions has slowed down relatively, and the market share of digital printing has become increasingly obvious. The first target of expansion is the traditional offset printing market. Because traditional offset printing equipment has never been specially designed and developed for variable data printing, variable format market or on-demand printing market

many people in the industry are optimistic about the future development trend of traditional offset printing technology. They firmly believe that traditional offset printing will be as vibrant as digital printing, gravure printing and other printing technologies. I firmly believe that traditional offset printing will become more economical and perfect in the next few years. Roland ozaz expressed his affirmation for the future development of traditional offset printing

coincidentally, Kodak in the field of digital printing equipment manufacturing also said that most of the printing materials on the market are still produced by traditional offset printing equipment, and this situation will continue in the future. The printing industry has always discussed how the digital printing market is growing, but the reality is that the market is still the world of traditional offset printing

moreover, with the continuous development of new technologies, major digital printing equipment manufacturers have to learn how to better play their role in the offset printing market. For example, Kodak has a rich product line in the printing field, but many successes are also achieved through the integration with offset printing equipment. Traditional offset printing may be used in a magazine, but some special personalized information needs to be matched with digital variable data printing to achieve perfection

new changes in the global printing market are boosting offset equipment manufacturers to respond one after another. Manroland has reduced the publicity of the high-yield characteristics of the printing equipment and focused on improving other performances of the equipment, such as startup preparation time, production efficiency, adaptability, cost saving, automation and so on. At the same time, a digital connection system has been developed for the commercial printing market where book publishing and moving parts are not well aligned. Gaobao, a German company, has also been aware of this change in the market for a long time. In order to better meet the different needs of customers, they have won market opportunities by launching printing equipment applied to special fields

focus on packaging. The activity of the packaging and printing industry in the global market is obvious to all. Consumers are full of strong desire to buy colorful flexible packaging and corrugated box products. According to pine, the packaging market will continue to grow in the future. With the further expansion of the application of digital media and network technology, the printing field of books and publications is facing severe challenges. However, the packaging and printing industry, on the contrary, has more and more opportunities. At present, many traditional printing enterprises are trying their best to configure new functions for the original printing equipment, so as to better occupy a favorable position in the market competition. At the same time, those non-traditional packaging and printing enterprises are also actively responding. These market changes have also prompted traditional offset printing equipment manufacturers to transform by adding various additional packaging functions to powerful new equipment, which has brought new opportunities to traditional printing machinery manufacturers

in addition, traditional offset printing equipment has unique advantages in other aspects. For example, compared with digital publications, the color presentation effect advantage of traditional paper printing and the excellent performance of traditional offset printing in green environmental protection cannot be immediately suppressed by digital printing. Digital printing technology can realize variable data printing and meet the personalized needs of customers, which is its advantage. However, there is still a big gap between digital printing and traditional printing in terms of quality, speed, adaptability, material selection, especially cost. Therefore, it is difficult for digital printing to fully dominate the label printing market in the short term

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