It will take time for the hottest waterborne PU re

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It will take time for water-based PU resin to fully replace solvent based slurry.

after nearly a decade of rapid oil discharge, the slurry industry has entered a mature and stable period after opening the nozzle at the bottom of the dynamometer on the left. Solvent based Pu size is still the main product

Zhang Yong, deputy general manager of Zhejiang Jiaxing Hexin Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., said at the industry conference held by globegroup polyurethane that with the rapid increase of manufacturers of waterborne polyurethane and the continuous introduction of a series of new products, the application field has also been further broken through and expanded. Even the water-based PU resin, which is widely talked about at present, is difficult to replace the solvent based slurry in the coming years due to the constraints of technology and cost. It is certain that the Pu slurry industry has a long life cycle, unless there are new materials with advantages in performance and cost

however, we have reason to believe that with the process of international market integration, product quality and environmental protection requirements continue to improve. All kinds of high-performance water-based PU resin products will continue to be introduced to the market. After a period of adjustment, water-based PU resin will eventually replace solvent based products at a relatively high price

deputy general manager Zhang Yong also predicted that the market demand for slurry in the second half of 2009 will increase by about 5% year-on-year, while the demand for slurry in the whole year is expected to be 10000 tons, basically the same as last year. If considering the current inventory factors of the leather factory, the actual purchase volume of the leather factory in the second half of the year may be lower than this growth

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