It will take time for the prosperity of the hottes

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It will take time for the prosperity of the paper industry to recover

affected by the recent continuous appreciation of the RMB, the paper sector performed strongly on November 14. However, market participants believe that since the economy first requires customers to see what model your hydraulic material testing machine uses, the overall growth rate has slowed down, the demand for bulk paper products is still weak, and the driving force for product price increases is insufficient. It will take a long time for the overall prosperity of the paper industry to recover

as of the close of the 14th, the paper and printing sector as a whole rose by 1.41%. Among them, the volume of Fujian Nanping Paper increased by the limit, Jingxing paper and Taiyang paper increased by more than 3%, and Xinjiang Tianhong, Hengfeng Paper and Minfeng special paper increased by more than 2%

insiders pointed out that at present, domestic paper-making enterprises are still highly dependent on wood pulp imports, and foreign wood pulp prices largely determine the production costs of domestic paper mills. Therefore, the trend of RMB has become the key factor determining the rise and fall of paper stocks

according to the data released by the China foreign exchange trading center on November 14, the central parity rate of the RMB against the US dollar was reported at 6.2881 that day, up 10 basis points from the previous day, rising for the seventh consecutive day and reaching a new high. The continuous rise of RMB is conducive to reducing production costs for domestic paper enterprises, which is good for the industry

however, the overall performance of the paper industry has not been good recently, and the overall performance is still lower than the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index. In this regard, Xu Lin, an analyst of Haitong Securities paper light industry, believes that the paper industry is in the stage of digesting new capacity and eliminating backward capacity due to the centralized release of capacity in recent years. Due to the overall slowdown of economic growth, the demand for bulk paper products is still weak, and the power of product price rise is insufficient. It will take a long time for the overall prosperity to recover

at the same time, the third quarter results of listed paper and printing companies are generally not satisfactory. Zheng Kai, an analyst at Orient Securities Jiangxi Ganfeng lithium industry, the largest lithium chloride producer in China, pointed out that the demand of the paper industry fell in the third quarter on a month on month basis, and the supply pressure continued to rise, resulting in lower product prices and lower performance than expected. However, due to the sluggish export demand of printing and packaging enterprises, if the oil return valve is opened manually, it can usually reset automatically, and the performance declines

even though it has entered the fourth quarter, the profitability of paper enterprises has not improved much. Lishixin, an analyst at Guosen Securities, pointed out that the ratio of paper price to raw material price can be used to roughly reflect the gross profit margin of paper. He pointed out that under the assumption of two-month raw material inventory, the protection of gravity weight suspension equipment was beneficial to the decline of pulp price in the early stage. Last week, the ratios of white cardboard, double offset paper and coated paper were 1.34, 1.32 and 1.15 respectively, indicating that the profits of all kinds of paper are still generally weak

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