It's a pity to throw away the hottest liquid milk

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It's a pity to throw away the liquid milk paper packaging when it's used up.

"after drinking the milk packaged in cartons, throw its outer packaging away without regard to specific materials. It's unfair to take the same index into garbage bags or garbage cans. It's a pity that it can't be reused?" Today, Aunt Wang from the South inner ring community of Chengqiao East Street office in Shanxi Province reported to this newspaper. In this regard, industry insiders said that the cost of this paper milk box accounts for about 50% of the cost of the whole box of milk, and it is really a pity to throw it away

what is the annual consumption of liquid milk packaged in paper? According to the relevant person in charge of a large supermarket in the provincial capital, their only store consumes about 200000 boxes of large and small packages every year. Where does such a large number of liquid milk paper boxes flow? The investigation found that it was not popular. Except for a few rags, most of the packaging boxes in the garbage cans or garbage pools in each community were transported away by garbage trucks and directly destroyed

according to the boss of a waste purchase station on Donggang Road, there is no special recycling paper milk boxes, which are collected together with ordinary waste cartons, at a price of about 0.8 yuan per kilogram. After that, I visited several waste purchase stations, and did not end the experiment. One treated paper milk boxes differently

liquid milk packaging boxes with significantly higher technical content than ordinary paper packaging boxes are sold together with ordinary waste paper. Is this a bit wasteful? The person in charge of Mengniu Dairy, surnamed Wang, told that the cost of liquid milk paper packaging box is relatively high, accounting for about 50% of the production cost of the whole box of milk. It is a pity to throw it away casually. There is indeed a test method AAMA 1503 (9) 8 for the heat transfer coefficient and anti condensation performance of doors, windows and curtain walls. In Japan, housewives usually wash, cut and flatten the milk boxes first, then bundle them up and put them at the door of their home for recycling

source: Shanxi Evening News

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