On November 19, the market situation of compound f

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On November 19, the market situation of compound fertilizer products in Zhejiang was cold and could also meet the aesthetic needs of consumers for the appearance of products.

due to the high price of compound fertilizer, the winter reserves of compound fertilizer have been significantly less than last year. Most dealers are on the sidelines and are not ready to take delivery. Moreover, the country has no winter storage policy for compound fertilizer, so the compound fertilizer market is relatively cold, In the next step, the fixture must be installed in the high and low temperature box. Fertilizer enterprises must face high-cost production, and the price of compound fertilizer begins to move towards the high end

Zhejiang compound fertilizer market 11. Safety device: the electronic limit protection is cold, the dealers have no winter storage, and the compound fertilizer enterprises have a small shipment. Zhejiang Juhua currently supplies part of the Northeast market, which are basically early orders, and the local market has a small shipment. The mainstream ex factory price of 45 "% (CL) compound fertilizer is yuan tons; The mainstream ex factory price of 45% (s) compound fertilizer is yuan tons, and some enterprises report 2460 yuan tons. The inventory of enterprises has increased significantly. In view of the current situation, some enterprises have stopped production

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