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Rubber daily review on November 19: breaking the previous high, Shanghai Rubber rose across the board

on November 19, Shanghai natural rubber futures rose and fell back across the board, the main 1003 contract opened flat, and then fluctuated upward. In the afternoon, the futures price fell back after the impact of 22000 yuan/ton was blocked, and the position reduction in the late trading rose sharply. The 1003 contract opened at 21400 yuan/ton and closed at 21640 yuan/ton, an increase of 630 yuan/ton compared with the majority of Chinese graphene patents in the world at the settlement price on November 18. The trading volume was 926650 and the position was 196926

on the disk, after the opening of the early trading, Shanghai glue made a small consolidation, and the intraday force fluctuated upward. The overall trend is very strong. From the perspective of technical graphics, Shanghai glue is expected to continue to rise after breaking through the previous platform repression

in terms of crude oil, NYMEX crude oil futures closed in a narrow range during the Asian electronic trading session on the 19th, breaking $80/barrel overnight, due to a report from the U.S. Department of energy showing a decline in U.S. fuel inventories in recent weeks. Analysts pointed out that "recently, the focus of the oil market is the inventory report of the U.S. Department of energy, which continues to show positive signs: the inventory of crude oil, gasoline and distillate oil has decreased, so it is not surprising that the oil price broke through $80/barrel overnight." As of 15:00 Beijing time, NYMEX December crude oil futures rose 6 cents to 79.64 US dollars/barrel. Ice January Brent crude oil futures rose 20 cents to $79.67 a barrel. According to the report released by the U.S. Department of energy on the 18th, as of November 13, the U.S. crude oil inventory fell by 887000 barrels, gasoline inventory fell by 1.75 million barrels, and distillate oil inventory fell by 328000 barrels. Previously, analysts predicted that U.S. crude oil inventory would be flat in the week ending November 13, gasoline inventory would increase by 400000 barrels, and distillate oil inventory would decrease by 600000 barrels

due to the tight supply in Southeast Asia, the dry weather inhibited the rubber supply in Indonesia, and the heavy rain hindered the flow of rubber in Thailand and Malaysia. In the physical goods market, some Chinese buyers have put water into the gel, which will decompose into its original components and discard Indonesian rubber. Tight supply and rising Tokyo futures have driven Indonesian Rubber up more than 10% in the past month. But traders said buying from Europe and the US could fill the demand gap in the absence of China

in terms of spot, the price of domestic agricultural reclamation continues to rise. The unit price of Yunnan agricultural reclamation is 19923 yuan/ton, and the amount of Hainan agricultural reclamation is significantly reduced to 42 tons, with the unit price of 19250 yuan/ton. The overall spot market remains stable at a high level. There are not many spot goods in the hands of traders, and buyers also purchase on demand. The overall transaction is still fragmented. In the international market, prices are still slightly higher, and downstream factories are more cautious in taking goods. At present, the spot inventory of Tianjiao factory is not large, and the purchasing cost of raw materials is still more focused on the domestic high level. The factory continues to be bullish in the future. CIF port quotation continues to rise, RSS3 is quoted in USD/ton, and Sir2 is quoted in USD/ton as people develop in different aspects; The market price in the bonded area is also rising, and the transaction is average. The downstream factories are cautious in taking goods, which also makes traders order carefully. The quoted price in the area reaches USD/ton at RSS3 and USD/ton at sir20

on the whole, Shanghai Jiaotong has continued to rise recently driven by funds. Driven by the continuation of loose monetary policy, the imminent end of domestic rubber tapping and the tight international spot supply, the future market of Shanghai Jiaotong is still expected to continue to rise

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