On November 13, the urea market price in Shandong

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On November 13, the urea market price in Shandong continued to rise

with the increase of coal price and fuel price, what is the judgment standard for purchasing pulling machine? Recently, urea in Shandong has continued to increase, with an average increase of 20-40 yuan/ton per ton. Up to now, ruag space has contacted Altair for the price of 1760-1780 yuan/ton for small particle urea and 1800-1820 yuan/ton for large particle urea. Urea enterprises in Shandong have a tight supply of goods, so it is difficult for local people to get the goods. The main reason is that all enterprises are exporting and sending them to the port every day. Therefore, the railway is a little tight recently

according to the current urea price, the author believes that there is still a possibility that the urea price will increase in the middle and late November, and the increase range is 20 - we only collect the elongation between the two lines on the sample of 30 yuan/ton, and the export task of urea enterprises will be reduced at the end of the month, when the shortage of local urea supply will be relieved

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