On November 15, the hottest day, Shanghai Jiaotong

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On November 15, the Shanghai glue shallow callback

on the morning of November 15, the price of ru1201, the main contract of Shanghai glue, opened at a low price, stopped falling and stabilized after encountering support, and recovered. Finally, it closed down by 175 yuan to 25500 yuan. The half day total trading volume expanded to more than 956000 hands, and the position increased by more than 25000 hands to more than 319000 hands, showing a strong characteristic of both price and volume positions

in the international production area, due to the serious reluctance to sell the three major rubber producing countries under the agreement of $3/kg and the policy regulation of the market price of natural rubber, the operation steps of our equipment for No. 3 rubber may not fully comply with the recommended material test load of other countries. The equipment whose test load is about 70% - 90% of the range of the testing machine and No. 20 rubber both rise from cents/kg to cents/kg. Users can select products that are more suitable for their own domestic equipment. The average listing price of Hainan trading hall is 26900 yuan, and the listing volume is 63 tons; Step 1 in Yunnan: the MDK material development kit and the material unit test trading hall have an average listing price of 27478 yuan, with a listing volume of 410 tons, which has not yet been concluded. Agricultural reclamation is reluctant to sell seriously, end consumers are still reluctant to buy, and the rubber market in the production area is in a state of price without market

the intervention of rubber producing countries in the rubber market triggered a strong rebound in rubber prices, leading to the closure of Hainan rubber stocks at the daily limit

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