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In modern home decoration, the number of wooden doors is still in the majority, and almost every room is in great need, except for the balcony and bathroom, which are relatively special spaces. But how to choose wooden doors? What are the domestic first-line brand wooden doors at present? Now let Xiaobian tell you

1. What are the first-line brand wooden doors?

a, Maxim wooden doors

Maxim doors is a brand in Chongqing, and its products include indoor doors, anti-theft doors, fire doors, etc. For more than 20 years, Maxim has always insisted on putting quality first, and has produced more than 100 products, which sell well at home and abroad. Maxim group has won “ Chongqing wooden door is the most powerful brand &rdquo& ldquo; Top 30 wooden doors in China &rdquo& ldquo; AAA grade enterprise with quality, service and reputation ” And other honors

b, Tata wooden door

advertisements of Tata wooden door can be seen everywhere in the streets. Although the product is positioned in the high-end wooden door market, the quality of the products it produces is indeed first-class, which is said by users who have bought and used it. In addition, the product has high cost performance and convenient installation. It is one of the favorite wooden door brands in the minds of consumers

c, Jindi wooden door

Jindi is a very famous first-line brand wooden door in Zhejiang. Now there are many franchised stores in large and medium-sized cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. All the time, we have paid attention to the quality of products. We have successively passed ISO9001 international quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, ISO14024 China environmental labeling product certification, and also obtained “ Zhejiang famous trademark &rdquo& ldquo; China's green building materials products ” And other titles

2. Purchasing skills of wooden doors

a. in fact, many owners choose wooden doors conservatively because they are laymen. But as long as you choose according to the color of the wall, you should choose the color that can form a contrast with the color of the wall, so that the room can have a different visual effect

b, or if the color of the wooden door is close to the color of the furniture and the decoration style of the room, it can also be coordinated and unified as a whole. For example: if the main color in the room is light, you can choose the wooden doors of cool colors such as white oak and birch; On the contrary, if it is dark colored, it is recommended to choose teak, walnut and other warm colored wooden doors for matching

Xiaobian conclusion: Well, this is about the current domestic first-line brand wooden doors and the purchasing skills of wooden doors. Of course, we can not only look at the brand when buying wooden doors, but also master some skills appropriately, which will help us choose more satisfactory products. I hope the content compiled by Xiaobian is useful to everyone





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