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On November 27, Chongqing Jiangjin store opened grandly. With the continuous improvement of living standards in Chongqing, the Roland Sini brand has been loved and praised by local people since it entered Chongqing

on November 27, Chongqing Jiangjin store opened grandly. With the continuous improvement of Chongqing's living standards, since Roland Sini brand entered Chongqing, it has been loved and praised by local people. In order to bring Roland Sini quality doors and windows to thousands of households in Chongqing and improve the local quality of life, over the past few years, Roland Sini stores have spread throughout many urban areas of Chongqing


store decoration and service are also abrupt

the elegant and exquisite store decoration style, elegant spatial layout and humanized service experience are committed to providing high-quality products for different users. Every door and window, from the selection of materials, to the production process, door and window design, embodies Roland Sini's strict customization standards


in the bustle, shining point

the activity site was full of friends and bustling. Accompanied by the loud sound of firecrackers, it brings you a feast of door and window quality, attracting many peers and owners to visit and customize. For a time, the whole store was busy and crowded, and the praise was beyond words. The staff of the store welcomed every guest who entered the store with a great serious service attitude and enthusiasm, and explained it with professional knowledge and attitude


orders continue, and the owner likes

and orders continue on the day of opening. The amount of money signed was nearly one million in just one day. It reflects the trust and confidence of the owner in Roland Sini, and the owner said: it is designed for Roland Sini brand, and it values the quality and service of Roland Sini


define lifestyle

Roland Sini is not only a door and window brand, but also a lifestyle. Every door and window of Roland Sini takes aesthetic design and convenience of life as the core concept, and integrates Italian classical aesthetics with modern trends, in order to advocate a perfect quality of life




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