Hangzhou will build the world's first cashless air

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According to Shanghai based news portal "surging news" reported on Friday, Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport plans to achieve the world's first cashless airport by providing cutting-edge digital services and using artificial intelligence for faster security checks

according to the report of surging news, the airport will cooperate with Alipay and other Internet companies to provide passengers with cashless payment services, including accommodation, flight reservation and car rental

in addition, the airport will cooperate with some service providers on the combination of cloud computing and big data, so as to provide passengers with door-to-door services

this report points out that the airport will also apply artificial intelligence and image recognition technology to the security inspection work to improve the security and efficiency of the security inspection process, which will also reduce the waiting time of passengers

in Hangzhou, online payment has a high share. Hangzhou is also the headquarters of the technology giant Alibaba group, which took the lead in launching Alipay, China's most popular online payment tool

in addition, ant financial, a subsidiary of Alibaba finance, announced that it plans to invest 3billion yuan ($435million) a year in the next two years to cooperate with businessmen and service providers to jointly create a cashless society

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