Stress on Feng Shui in the decoration of old house

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The decoration of the house is closely related to our Feng Shui, and the quality of Feng Shui is also closely related to our fortune; So in Feng Shui, what are the stresses of Feng Shui in the decoration of old houses? The following is the related articles compiled by Xiaobian. Let's have a look

stress on Feng Shui in the decoration of old houses

Feng Shui taboos in the decoration of old houses

1. The newly moved old house has a moldy and damp smell

the wooden furniture in the house has been useless for a long time, coupled with the humid environment, it is easy to produce this smell, so the solution is actually in addition to finishing the room and washing the furniture, there is a very fast way, that is, lighting sandalwood in the room, It's best to let the smell drive away the smell. Sandalwood also has the effect of calming the mind

2. There is mural cancer in the room

mural cancer is the pattern of mottled walls and rolled walls, which is similar to skin disease. In Feng Shui, this phenomenon is classified as mural cancer. Because living in a room with mural cancer will inevitably lead to all kinds of decline in fortune, many emotional disputes, and what you get through hard work is not what you want, and people are also prone to ghost dreams. Therefore, this kind of problem must be solved. The solution is actually very simple. Remove the wall cancer, and then paint or paste wallpaper

3. Wet bedding

there are two reasons for wet bedding: one is long-term air humidity, and the other is that the quilt has not been exposed to the sun after the previous humidity. In the old house with damp bedding, the newcomers either dream of insects biting snakes and crawling, or they are tomb ghosts. The solution is simple: expose the quilt to the sun. If there is no condition, take the stove to dry (pay attention to prevent fire). When sleeping, it is very important to keep the quilt close to you

4. Wooden floors, many mice

there are six pages in total. Page 1 123456 the next page. Many people who live in rural areas know that wooden floors are very common, and mice are also very common, but new residents may not be able to accept this kind of old rats, which are very common in rural areas and run in the middle of the night. In addition, there are always some people with evil intentions who say how about hearing the sound of someone walking slightly at night, so, For a large number of urban people or rural people who have not been exposed to relevant life before, this voice is unacceptable. To deal with mice, a little rat poison may not be so effective. People who are so sensitive to sound should wear earplugs at night. By the way, rat traps and other things still need to be put. The reason why rat poison is not recommended is that rat poison is not sure whether the last place of death of the mouse will be in your wardrobe or in which corner

5. Attic bat

bats generally don't live in other people's houses, but if it's an empty house for a long time, it's not necessary. If there are many bats living in your new and old house, the sound of going in and out at night, fanning the wind, and the action of knocking against the door and window in a short time will make many people who don't know it pale. If people hear these sounds for the first time and can't judge the cause during sleep, the ghost dream will begin. solve! Method: light all rooms for several consecutive nights. In this way, the bat will move

6. Meeting old people in the old house

often when we visit some friends or relatives, we will meet the old house and the old people in their homes, especially some old people who look sick at first glance, or some unfriendly old people, which will always make people get goose bumps all over. When we go in to decorate your room, we can also smell a lot of old smell. At this time. If you don't want to have a ghost dream at night, for example, do a few things, scald your feet with hot water before going to bed (girls' menstrual period is exempted), lock the door, and sleep with a amulet or protective object before going to bed

7. Feel the cold atmosphere when entering the old house

the reason why people are influential is because they are popular. Why dark things make people's fortunes decline is also because they are full of Yin. People shiver and their Yang will weaken by 3 points. To sleep in this old house, you must scald your feet with ginger 20 minutes before going to bed at night, and improve the Yang mode of your body from the bottom of your feet. If you are in someone else's house, you will say that you have a cold and ask for ginger hot water to scald your feet. This physical therapy, in order to have a stable sleep, you need to camouflage like this

8. The bedroom is not placed properly

some old houses have a lot of old furniture, such as the dresser mirror facing the bed, so put the Dresser Mirror down. If there are wooden dolls in the room, they should be received in the cabinet or put in the living room. If you artificially put a TV facing the bed in the bedroom, then cover it with a cloth. If there is a beam on the top of the bed, sleep on another head. If there are photos of the dead old man in the bedroom, put him away. If there is something wrong in the bathroom, spray the air freshener first if you can't buy Sandalwood. Special taboo: never put a charcoal fire in the bedroom at night because it is wet

the forbidden zone in Feng Shui in the decoration of old houses

1. The bearing wall

has six pages. The first page is 123456. The next page is that the bearing wall cannot be removed and modified in the decoration. Many people know that. But not many people can tell what kind of wall is a load-bearing wall. Generally, in buildings with "brick concrete" structure, all prefabricated slab walls cannot be demolished or opened; Brick walls more than 24 cm are also load-bearing walls, which cannot be demolished or modified. The walls with "empty sound" when knocked are mostly non load-bearing walls, which can be removed and modified. In addition, someone opens the door and windows on the load-bearing wall, which will also damage the load-bearing of the wall, and it is not allowed

if you want to demolish and change the walls in the house during decoration, you'd better ask someone from the construction profession to see if it is a load-bearing wall before construction. Before construction, it should be reported to the property management department for filing, and construction can be carried out only after approval

2. Steel bars in the wall

if the structure of the house is compared with that of an adult's body, the steel bars in the wall are human bones and muscles. If the reinforcement is damaged when the pipeline is buried, the bearing capacity of the wall and floor will be affected. In case of earthquake, such walls and floors are easy to collapse or fracture

3. Beams and columns in the room

these beams and columns are used to support the upper floor slab. After removal, the upper floor slab will fall down, so it cannot be moved

4. The low wall beside the balcony

generally, there are one door and one window on the wall between the room and the balcony. These doors and windows can be removed, but the wall below the window cannot be moved. This section of wall is called "counterweight wall", which acts as a weight to lift the balcony. Dismantling this wall will reduce the bearing capacity of the balcony and cause the balcony to fall

5, "three proofs" or "five proofs" door

the door frame of these doors is embedded in concrete. If it is demolished, it will damage the building structure and reduce the safety factor. Moreover, the building structure of the door is destroyed, and it is more difficult to reinstall the new door

6. Waterproof layers in toilets and kitchens

there are waterproof layers under the ground in these places. If damaged, the downstairs will become a "water curtain hole". So when you change the ground materials, be sure not to damage the waterproof layer. If it is rebuilt after damage, the "24-hour water seepage test" must be carried out, that is, fill water in the kitchen or bathroom. If there is no leakage after 24 hours, it will be considered qualified

7. Squatting pan in the bathroom

some old houses still use the old squatting pan. If you want to replace it with a toilet, you must be careful. Because squatting toilets are generally launched in the front, while sitting toilets are generally launched in the rear, so replacing the toilet means changing the sewer pipe. This kind of construction is difficult, and the original waterproof layer must be destroyed. If the installation is improper, either the water seeps downstairs or the toilet doesn't go into the water

8. Heating and gas pipelines

there are 6 pages in total. Page 1 123456. The next page is to install and dismantle gas pipelines, which must be carried out by professional construction personnel of the gas company. The decoration company cannot "do it for others" and cannot cover water meters, electricity meters and gas meters during decoration. You should also be cautious about heating and heating pipes, because the location of heating in the room directly affects the indoor temperature in winter. If the demolition and modification are improper, either the heating is affected or the heating runs away

9. Original steel windows

some residents have replaced aluminum alloy windows because the original steel windows are not good-looking. At present, a small number of decoration companies use small-size profiles for the sake of cheapness, or simply shoddy, so the firmness of some aluminum alloy windows is far inferior to that of steel windows. Such aluminum alloy windows are easy to fall off, especially in high-rise buildings. Recommended reading: new house decoration check in Feng Shui

What are the stresses of Feng Shui in old house decoration

key point 1: basic engineering and budget

there are many problems in old houses, and the decoration is also very complex. When renovating old houses, we should comprehensively consider the physique of old houses and their carrying capacity. The budget is determined according to the degree of decoration, and the budget is also related to the whole project. Generally, the budget for the renovation and decoration of old houses is about 20% of the total price of the house

point 2: wall demolition and water leakage

during the renovation of the old house, the new layout should try not to move the wall, especially the 24 cm thick wall. One is because of the load of the wall, the main wall is hit, and the gravity of the house cannot support it. Besides, demolishing and striking the wall will increase the work quantity. For example, building walls may require a series of works such as floor tile repair, wall finishing, garbage cleaning, etc. Water leakage is also very important in the renovation process. Whether it is self occupied or sold, this is a big problem. If there is such a phenomenon of water leakage, we must give priority to deal with it

point 3: the space transformation is too large

the space transformation should not be too large, especially in the bathroom and kitchen. In addition to the problem of engineering quantity, there is also the problem of drainage pipeline. If you don't pay attention, it will cause water leakage. In addition, from the perspective of Feng Shui, spaces such as kitchen and bathroom should not be replaced by other spaces, otherwise it will cause poor financial luck

point 4: roof modification and sufficient power supply of the house

generally, old houses have roofs or something. This modification may be troublesome for the defendant, so that the modification fee is wasted. When the old house is renovated, we should also pay attention to the wiring of the circuit. Now there are more and more household appliances, and the original lines of the old house may not meet the power demand of household appliances. For safety reasons, wiring should meet the demand of household appliances

point 5: electric lines need to be piped, and new pipes for drainage and water supply

there are 6 pages in total. Page 1 123456 line piping (wires, telephone lines, TV signal lines) on the next page. In order to be safe, so as not to be bitten by rats or anything, beautiful space, wire pipes can also be found during redecoration. After so many years of use, the water pipes in the old house are gradually aging. When renovating and decorating, it is best to use new pipes to the underground drainage place, and seal the old pipes to prevent backflow

point 6: Wood appliances are insect proof and the outer wall of the bathroom balcony is waterproof

wood furniture or wood floor, it is best to have insect proof corner materials to reduce the probability of insect decay. Prevention is prevention before treatment. There is no doubt that the bathroom should be waterproof, and the outer wall of the balcony should also be waterproof. Only by doing a good job of waterproof engineering, there is no need to worry about water seepage

point 7: balcony layout and home use

when decorating, many owners push out the balcony in order to have a spacious balcony for themselves, which will increase the quantities and costs, and the government does not allow balcony extrapolation. Old house decoration unless you want




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