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Decoration is difficult to be perfect. Even if you go to the best decoration company and buy the best materials, it is easy to have unsatisfactory regrets. However, it's not too late to mend the situation after it's too late. Here are some tips to remedy it. Let's let the regret drift away with the wind.

decoration is difficult to be perfect. Even if you go to the best decoration company and buy the best materials, it's easy to have unsatisfactory regrets. However, it's not too late to mend the situation. Here are some tips for you to remedy it and let your regrets drift away with the wind

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defect 1: the color of the wall is too messy remedial measures: dilute the solid color furniture

young people like to publicize their personality, decorate the house with bold colors, and often use a variety of colors on the wall in a large area. The newly decorated house of citizen Li Zhenping is colorful and avant-garde. But not long after he lived in, he was a little puzzled. He would feel dizzy after staying at home for a long time. Later, after communicating with netizens, I learned that it was the wall color that caused the trouble

but the wall has been painted colorful, how to remedy it

messy decoration colors are the problems encountered by many young people. In fact, it is not difficult to remedy them. As long as you match pure color furniture, such as white, log color, etc., you can achieve visual neutralization. In fact, white is the safest wall. White has the characteristics of nature, comfort and softness, and it is also easy to match with other household products

defect 2: the TV wall is lack of creative remedies: soft decoration to make up for

making a beautiful and creative TV wall is the focus of many home decoration. For various reasons, many owners found that the furniture and TV wall were inconsistent after decoration, but “ It's done ”, If the TV wall needs to be smashed and redone, it will be expensive and difficult, so it will be put aside awkwardly

it is understood that gypsum board, atomized glass, wallpaper and other materials can be used in the market to make TV walls. Different materials have different prices and effects. In fact, not every kind of house structure is suitable for TV walls. If you blindly follow the trend regardless of the pattern of your own room, it may backfire. Even if the space layout can be made into a TV wall, if it is only made according to the design drawings of the decoration company, the final effect is likely not to look like the feeling on the drawings, and even more likely, it is not practical at all

therefore, experts suggest that if the owners are not satisfied with the TV wall at home, they can make up for it through later soft decoration, such as hanging creative decorative paintings or wall clocks on the wall. Now the more popular hand painting can also replace the failed TV wall with a beautiful new outfit through secondary decoration

defect 3: the bathroom slope is too small remedial measures: bathroom products are skillfully adjusted

in home decoration, almost everyone knows that the bathroom floor should have some slope. Perhaps because considering that the larger slope will affect the beauty of the floor, the construction personnel are required to slow down the bathroom floor slope, which is likely to cause the water after shower to not be drained in time, and it is also difficult to drain water when washing clothes. The slow drainage often precipitates the sewage in the drainage process, resulting in a smelly smell in the bathroom

according to the practical principle, in home decoration, beauty is only a superficial phenomenon, which can be ignored when it is critical. In this regard, combined with their own bathroom decoration experience, netizens “ Because ” According to your actual situation, it is suggested that the slope should be appropriately enlarged during toilet decoration without affecting the placement of toilets and bathtubs, so as to avoid indoor ponding after washing and bathing. If the ground works have been completed, the products with deep inner walls should be selected when purchasing sanitary products, which will also avoid water splashing. If there is no shower room, it is best to hang a shower curtain outside the shower or bathtub. There are also “ Make amends for mistakes ” The effect of

defect 4: the workmanship inside the cabinet is rough. Remedial measures: stick it inside with wood grain paper

considering its firmness and durability, many people like to make cabinets when decorating, but many people cry out for regret after decorating. Mou Hui, who has just decorated the house, said that his family has made two wardrobes, which are much less practical and ornamental than the finished cabinets sold in the market, but the cost of work and materials is not low. Many netizens said that it is more cost-effective to buy finished cabinets for home decoration

made by a professional decoration company “ Work ”, Basically, there is no such problem. Generally, in this case, it is the work of the guerrillas. The owner can buy some fine sandpaper and polish the inside of the cabinet by himself, or ask the carpenter to stick it inside with wood grain paper, which is not only beautiful, but also can cover the stubble and avoid hanging clothes

defect 5: there are too few socket installations. Remedial measures: buying rows and inserting skillfully instead of

indoor wiring is an important basic process before decoration. However, during decoration, because there is no accurate measurement, many owners just make a simple visual inspection to determine the location of the power socket. Wait until you buy large household appliances such as computers, air conditioners, televisions, etc. and find that the position of the table legs or wardrobe just blocks the position of the power socket. Many small household appliances such as humidifiers and hair dryers cannot find redundant sockets

people with decoration experience know that before arranging the location of power sockets, the size of furniture to be placed should be provided to the water supply electrician as accurately as possible. On the premise of not affecting the appearance, if you can't accurately determine the location, reserve as many power sockets as possible so that you can use them sooner or later. For the regret that there are too few sockets in the decorated house, Yuanzhou decoration designer Li Chuanhui suggested that if the sockets are not enough after check-in, you should buy more row plugs. In order to keep the room clean, row plugs should be placed behind large items such as cabinets, sofas or televisions as far as possible

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