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In today's window screen integration http://www.dgkadi.com In shopping malls, the war zones of the first tier and second tier cities have been basically captured by large window screening integrated brands, and the influence of door and window companies in the first tier and second tier cities is far less than that of large door and window companies. With the development of economy, residents in the third and fourth tier cities began to pay attention to the integration of window screens, and their purchasing ability for windows and doors was also increasingly enhanced. Along with this, residents of the third and fourth tier cities have higher requirements for the cost performance of window screening integration. Therefore, "although the sparrow is small, it has all kinds of internal organs", the potential of developing shopping malls in third and fourth tier cities is still infinite. However, in terms of the actual situation of the third and fourth tier shopping malls, there are still many distances between their shopping environment and the maturity of the first and second tier, which makes door and window enterprises need to be sensitive in the promotion of new shopping malls

personalization seeks to become a new challenge for enterprises

in the era of seeking personalization, the integration of "niche" window screens will inevitably be biased by consumers. Due to the limitation of production costs, it is difficult for large door and window companies to put into production "niche" goods. The weakness of large-scale door and window companies has just become the advantage of small and medium-sized door and window companies. The production lines of small and medium-sized door and window companies are relatively sensitive. As long as they actively innovate door and window products, they can easily win the "niche" shopping malls with trust and exchange small costs for large profits

small and medium-sized door and window companies want to integrate window screens http://www.dgkadi.com In order not to be swallowed up by large companies, we still need to work hard on the door and window goods themselves. As long as good products win the market together, they can receive the favor of consumers and the company can carry out sustainable development. Only by making more efforts in creating commodity differentiation can we win the favor of consumers in the white hot competition mall

if small and medium-sized door and window companies want to get a piece of the market, they must have their own commodity characteristics and create door and window commodities that consumers trust and like. As long as the products adhere to the "unusual and unique style", it is the key for the company to win the top

drawing up a long-term plan can go further

according to the survey of shopping malls, it can be found that some door and window manufacturers lack a long-term vision. They just work hard like an old ox pulling a cart. Their diligence is commendable, but they "lack vision". Looking up at the road, looking for capital and making plans are essential. Crossing the river by touching a stone is just a lack of experience and guidance

the huge and shared means of production and management form in the mall are worth learning by the company, and it is not difficult to formulate the company plan. However, the company's plan is not a pat on the head - how much sales it will achieve this year, what career benchmarks it will become, and such false big empty "slogans". The company's plan needs to formulate a specific plan with scientific basis and enforceability based on the investigation of various factors such as the market situation, career dynamics, and its own capital ability. Take the "Internet +" idea that has prevailed for less than two years as an example. At first, many door and window companies were very vague about this concept. They didn't know what to do and how to do it. Some even didn't think so. They were still complacent about the past form of sales. Of course, the result was that they were screened, perhaps half a beat slower, and the shopping malls were seized and cut





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