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Dengningqing, 38, is a native of Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province. Although he has no requirements for experimental machines and instruments, he has a licensed doctor certificate, but he can practice medicine for many years. In the second half of 2012, after dengningqing contracted the urology department of Zhongshan Hospital in Bengbu City, Anhui Province, he advertised it on local TV media, saying that it specializes in the treatment of prostatitis, infertility, various sexually transmitted diseases and difficult and miscellaneous diseases. In november2012, two Putian people from Fujian Province came to the urology department contracted by dengningqing with a package of drugs. They claimed that they could not continue working in Fuyang Zhongqi hospital. There were still some unused imported drugs, which had good effects and could be sold to him at a low price. Dengningqing bought the so-called imported drugs for 2000 yuan. According to some patients, dengningqing went to see a doctor without prescribing. He claimed that all the drugs he prescribed were imported, with a charge ranging from 400 yuan to 600 yuan each time, and there were no bills or any other formalities. The patient only saw that he injected the powder in the small bottle into the salt water bottle, and then began to infuse the patient, and the used empty medicine bottles were put into his pocket by him. After a few days of infusion, the patient's condition did not improve, and the cost per person was effectively driving the market demand for new energy materials by more than fourorfive yuan. On december20,2012, Bengbu food and drug administration went to Zhongshan Hospital for inspection, and found that a variety of drugs in the urology department were only marked in English on the packaging, and the drug approval number was not marked, and Zhongshan Hospital also failed to provide the import drug registration certificate for the above drugs. In fact, this batch of medicine was purchased by dengningqing from Putian people in Fujian Province. According to relevant laws and regulations, Bengbu food and Drug Administration recognized these drugs as fake drugs and confiscated them. Although he was investigated and punished, dengningqing continued to advertise him on TV and run his urology department. When he was too busy, he invited his sister-in-law Quan to help. On april17,2013, Bengbu food and Drug Administration issued a punishment decision, which only imposed an administrative penalty of more than 30000 yuan on the Zhongshan hospital where Deng Ningqing was located. The bengshan District Procuratorate of Bengbu City, based on reports from the masses and through visits and investigations, believes that the acts of dengningqing and others have been suspected of criminal crimes. On May 9, dengningqing and Quan were criminally detained. According to the investigation of the public security organ, the Zhongshan Hospital in Bengbu is a joint-stock hospital, and the contracted departments are also lax in supervision. Dengningqing contracted the urology department at the price of more than 3000 yuan per month (including water, electricity, sanitation, etc.), and the contract was signed once a year. Dengningqing seldom took medicine from the pharmacy of our hospital. Even if he did, it was normal saline and so on. Due to the lack of supervision, it is possible for dengningqing to purchase drugs from illegal channels. On June 13, the bengshan District Procuratorate of Bengbu City approved the arrest of dengningqing and Quan for the crime of selling fake drugs

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