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2012: the scale of China's mobile Internet market will increase by 150%

recently, according to relevant data, the scale of China's mobile Internet market in 2011 was close to 40 billion, with a year-on-year increase of nearly 100%. The research institute predicts that in 2012, the scale of the mobile Internet market will grow by 150% on the basis of this year. No matter in terms of growth rate or total amount, mobile Internet is the field with the most investment value in the next few years

the platform will become the main battlefield of the game. The Electromechanical is divided into stepping Electromechanical, DC servo electromechanical and exchange servo electromechanical

the evaluation data of the research organization shows that the overall revenue of domestic games last year was about 3 billion yuan. According to the survey report of China's game industry released by the game working committee not long ago, the actual sales revenue of China's online game market in 2011 was 1.7 billion yuan, an increase of 86.8% over 2010. Such a high growth rate has reminded people of the development momentum of online travel in that year

"the platform will be one of the main battlefields of future games. I also hope that the evolution of game products in the future can bring players an overall experience from the client, to the page and then to the mobile terminal." Hu Zemin is very optimistic about the development of game applications on mobile platforms, not only because long tasted the benefits of games a few years ago, but more importantly, 91, the largest mobile Internet platform in China, accounts for 30% of its overall revenue from games

looking at the global market, games are still the most popular application of smartphone platform. Nielsen, a well-known market research organization in the United States, conducted a survey on American smartphone users in the middle of this year. The results showed that 64% of users downloaded game applications, ranking first in the proportion of users downloading applications. These users played games for an average of 8 hours a month. Combining these figures with a recent research report released by Oracle will be more convincing - nearly 70% of users worldwide are using smartphones

the monthly income of a single game can reach 1million

the huge market demand has attracted a large number of gold miners. In 2011, there were nearly 1000 new mobile Internet enterprises, most of which were small and medium-sized application development teams. Experts predict that more entrepreneurial teams will choose this direction in 2012. "For entrepreneurs, if they want to enter the mobile Internet, games will be a good entry point." Vice President Hu Zemin said. "First of all, the business model of the game has been relatively mature. If the product is OK, the cash flow can flow forward soon. Secondly, game applications can not be confined to the domestic market, and there is a relatively broad space overseas."

"the monthly income of good domestic games can reach 1 million." Hu Zemin directly explained the "reliable" degree of game application with numbers. This part mainly includes the developer sharing income and the operation income of 91 self-developed works. It is worth noting that the share of 91 platform and developers accounts for the vast majority of game revenue, which also illustrates the importance of open platform from another perspective. According to the proportion of 37 points, developers get considerable income from 91 platform

in addition to casual games such as angry birds and fruit ninja, page games are also a good choice to log on to the mobile platform. Hu Zemin believes that transplanting page games to smartphones can achieve good results. "On the one hand, many users have a certain understanding of the game on the page platform; on the other hand, many people have adapted to the charging mode of page games."

developers can participate in built-in advertising sharing

although game applications have been quite popular, it is still an unavoidable problem for enterprises to make profits. According to the statistics of DCCI, among China's mobile Internet developers, about 25.2% are profitable, 40.4% are flat, and 34.4% are still losing money. In contrast, the situation of mobile Internet platform enterprises is even less optimistic. Except 91, the rest are in a state of loss. Experts believe that the reason for this situation is that on the one hand, domestic users do not have high recognition of game payment, on the other hand, the profit model based on game is not rich enough

Zhang Lijing, business director of Weiyun, introduced some new ideas. "Weiyun will look for some excellent products to meet the new utilization requirements and conduct in-depth cooperation. For example, based on a high-quality racing product, we will negotiate and cooperate with advertisers to customize the track." Zhang Lijing said that similar cooperation can bring benefits ranging from 100000 to 200000 to platforms and developers

"the above measures can provide financial support for enterprises. At the same time, we should consider long-term development." Hu Zemin hopes to fundamentally create a benign advertising ecological chain. "We hope that developers can get a share after installing the SDK with advertising, so as to fully reflect the advertising value of the product. At present, most Internet and e-commerce customers have been launched on platform 91, and traditional customers such as automobiles have begun to try."

in 2012, more mobile Internet companies began to look overseas, corresponding to the globalization of mobile platforms. "At present, 91 platform has reached cooperation with Japan's Da. We will gradually introduce high-quality overseas content into China, and at the same time, we are banning more plastics from entering our ocean and land show resources to be exported overseas." Like 91, many mobile platforms have successively opened similar overseas businesses, which not only provides more opportunities for development enterprises, but also puts forward higher requirements. It can be predicted that 2012 is not only a year of vigorous development of mobile Internet, but also a year of great waves. China

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