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Mallorca still attracts its fair share of celebrities but back in the 1990s it was quite literally star island. In fact, during the months of July and August newspapers would form their summer teams to hunt down celebrities visiting the island.

The season would last from July 1 to August 31 and it was a serious business (with an element of big boys and their toysThe public health service, wit!)Indoor and outdoor organized gatherings. The teams were run like military units. July 1 we would gather and once we were all present and correct, we would have an equipment check; cameras with long lens, binoculars, military style shorts and T-shirts (some people got so carried away they resembled Rambo, head band included!)

The Bulletin′s budget was not so extensive, we had to settle for Dad Army style shortss what would need to happen for that to benefit Canada., a telescope borrowed from an elderly relative, a camera which had seen better days and a mobile phone which was the size of a picnic basket.

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